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Through DOWNBEAT! students will have the opportunity to learn the orchestral instrument(s) of their choice, including the recorder and ukulele in a fun classroom environment. DOWNBEAT! is a vehicle to help children explore their musical abilities and hone in on existing talents. Students will be encouraged to practice, but never forced. In a fun, friendly, and stress-free environment, participants will learn to read music, play their respective instruments, and develop responsibility.


As a small community, the students will learn to encourage each other and how to also unite their talents to reach a common goal—two final concerts. The DOWNBEAT! Summer Music Camp is held for one month during the summer.This will help children continue their musical endeavors without the pressures of school and other extra-curricular activities they encounter over the regular school year. 

Instrument rentals are provided through The Instrument Place. For more information on our partnership with The Instrument Place visit our page here.







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