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One-on-One Instruction


Kids need a break from all their online schooling. Their classes, friends and extra curricular activities have all moved to remote learning environments and our kids are over it! DOWNBEAT! A Music Enrichment Club is keeping the music alive by adapting to OUR new normal with socially distanced, in-person private lessons. All you need is an instrument, a will to learn and a front or back yard! Our modified learning environment brings the music to your door step while following CDC guidelines.

How does it work?

* Lessons will be had at the student's own front/backyard

* Student and Instructor will sit 6 feet apart as recommended by the CDC

* Instructor will bring own chair, music stand and will also wear a face

   mask or face shield. (depending on instrument)

* Instructor will sanitize hands before tuning student's instrument.

* Lesson will start and end with precautions in mind at all times

Instruments Offered:

* Violin, Cello, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Flute, Ukulele and Guitar

* Instruments can be rented/purchased through our partner The Instrument Place for a low yearly fee.


* Lessons are bundled in a 12 week session

* Lessons are offered at different rates depending on lesson duration

* Tuition can be paid in full or in 2 payments.

*Tuition subject to change each year following the rising costs of living using a fixed 3% increase or based on the Cost of Living Index, whichever is higher. 

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