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One-on-One Instruction


If group classes are not for you or your child, consider private lessons. These classes can be scheduled in 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons and center around a more personal musical growth. Each lesson is optimized for the individual student as the teacher can really gauge the student's learning style and personality. Private lessons can be had at the instructors own teaching studio or at the student's home. Private lessons are bundled into Fall and Spring seasons. The Fall season starts the week of September 9th and culminates the week before Winter/Christmas break with a Winter Recital. The Spring season starts the week of January 6th and culminates the second week of May with a Spring Recital. Below you will find the breakdown of the fees for private lessons for both seasons. Fees can be paid in 3 installments for the Fall season and 4 installments for the Spring season. To register, please send us an email through our contact page.

*Tuition subject to change each year following the rising costs of living using a fixed 3% increase or based on the Cost of Living Index, whichever is higher. 

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